Hunt of a Lifetime

Last month, Horus Vision had the pleasure of meeting a courageous family fighting an ongoing battle with Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome  (SDS), which is a rare bone marrow failure disease. 

The Cox Family has been effected drastically, as all three children have been diagnosed with the disease and are going to great lengths to overcome the battle for themselves, as well as others with this rare condition.

The children are all avid hunters and have an urgency to share a memorable hunting trip as a family.

The Cox Family discovered an organization called Hunt of a Lifetime (HOAL), which is a smaller scale alternative to Make-a- Wish Foundation

HOAL was founded by Tina Pattison after her son was turned down by Make-a-Wish Foundation, which does not support hunting events.

Hunt of a Lifetime supplied a new Savage 11 Rifle, with a Bushnell Sharpshooter Scope to the Cox Family, but they still had two other children to outfit rifles with.

Horus Vision sent them a Hawk 3-12×50 to bring on their hunt, which will take place in September in Maine.

For more information, visit the Hunt of a Lifetime site.

 To learn more about the Cox Family, visit the Cox Kids Homepage.


About horusvision
Horus Vision is all about long range and extreme shooting. We're known for our patented reticles and shooting accessories. One of our main goals is supporting the troops and developing gear to benefit snipers in extreme conditions.

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