FAQ: What are CATS Targets?

As of now, CATS stands for Calibration & Training System.

Since long range shooting requires elevation and windage adjustments to accurately engage distant targets, it is apparent that a riflescope’s elevation and windage adjustment knobs have to yield precise and accurate adjustments.  When a rifleman egages distant targets and misses, he usually blames the ammo, the rifle and finally himself.  The riflescope is almost never looked at as a contribution to errors.

The rifleman has spent a lot of money on his riflescope.  He falsely assumes it is a perfectly calibrated optical instrument for shooting.

Since no low tech, affordable riflescope testing system existed in the public domain, Horus Vision invented CATS to fill the void.  CATS is designed specifically to be used at 100 yards/meters.  You do not need a 500, 1000, or 2000 yard/meter range.

In the course of testing and development, we discovered the CATS targets had additional value.  In addition to elevation and windage, you can identify problems with cant, run-out (the point on elevation where the scope no longer tracks perpendicular), and establish maximal elevation.

To learn more about CATS Targets, check out our videos…

 or read an in depth explanation here.



About horusvision
Horus Vision is all about long range and extreme shooting. We're known for our patented reticles and shooting accessories. One of our main goals is supporting the troops and developing gear to benefit snipers in extreme conditions.

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