How to Use the H58 Reticle By Todd Hodnett

Horus Reticle

The Horus reticle is a patented grid system replacing the 40-year-old archaic mil-dot shooting method.  The Horus reticle is an optically precise uniform grid etched on glass.  The ergonomic design and lay-out of the reticle includes a built-in rangefinder, providing a clear picture and numeric information about the target.

Horus reticles are based off the following data:

  • Measured in USMC milliradians (mils), where a circle = 6283 mils
  • 1 mil = 3.60 inches at exactly 100 yards
  • 1 mil = 10.0 centimeters at exactly 100 meters

 H58 Reticle

The H58 is a unique design incorporating all the benefits of a Horus reticle with new features for additional benefits. 

The H58 has extended wind dots placed at each 1 mil mark outside the main hash grid. These wind dots are unobtrusive, providing a clearer view than an extending grid, but still allows accurate holds in high winds.

The H58 also incorporates the Accuracy 1st Speed Shooting Formula. This is the staircase looking pattern in the upper half of the reticle.  This allows the shooter to quickly establish a hold for his rifle. These increments are in 1/10 mil and start at .5 from the outside and go up to 1 mil at the middle line.

The mover numbers under each speed mil mark can be used to associate which mil to hold.

Here is a lesson from Todd Hodnett, Founder of Accuracy 1st, on how to use the H58 reticle:

Build your Accuracy 1st Speed Shooting Formula

By using the ATrag software, one can build his own speed shooting formula for his gun. After zeroing and then truing the gun. The user then can go to the TR under TARGET and place the target size in inches (12”). Then go through the following

  • 1.2 = 254m = 1 mil
  • 1    = 305m = 1.5 mils
  • .8   = 381m = 2.2 mils
  • .7   = 435m = 2.9 mils
  • .6   = 508m = 3.9 mils
  • .5   = 610m = 5.2 mils

By doing this, we have now built a dope sheet to perfect match our gun for these mil measurements. This will work out to 610m without ever having to know the distance of the target.

As you look at your holds you have just gathered. You will notice if you take the size of the image mil of the target and remove the decimal and then add the actual hold to it. The actual holds nearly equal 10, within a moa. So, 10 doesn’t mean anything, it just becomes the numbers that allows you to remember your hold.


  • Target mils .6, hold 4 mils:  6 + 4 = 10
  • Target mils .7, hold 3 mils:  7 + 3 = 10

This works really well out to 600m and allows the shooter to quickly engage a target with an accurate hold using the mil system, with an MOA, without ever having to know the distance of the target. It is a mil association drill.

So when I designed the reticle I placed the speed shooting formula above the main stadia line. These stair steps are actual tenth mil exact measurements starting at .5 on the outside and going up to 1 mil in the middle. I placed them over a mover speed number that when cut in half, gives you a proper mil hold to equal 10.


One can also use this with a gun that doesn’t equal 10. If you are using a 300wm and the actual holds equal closer to 9. You would just find where the target fits in the stairsteps and take that mover number and cut it in half and subtract 1 mil.


A target fits above the 6 mph mover mark, cut 6 in half which gives you 3 and then subtract 1 to now have a 2 mil hold. Easy

What this means is that you build the Accuracy 1st formula to your gun based off your trued performance parameters. This way, the only way you can miss, is if you miss-mil the target.

 Todd Hodnett ~ Accuracy 1st

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Horus Vision is all about long range and extreme shooting. We're known for our patented reticles and shooting accessories. One of our main goals is supporting the troops and developing gear to benefit snipers in extreme conditions.

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